Saturday, December 31, 2011

In New York City (Happy New Year)

Irritability is persistence,
Cynicism is really curiosity;
Emergency is intelligence,
Bewilderment is manoeuvre;
Left is left,
Right is right;
Silence is loud,
Faith is tugboat;
True love resembles Sunny days,
Sunset beach dates lovely waves;
Happy New Year To U,
Happy New Year To mE!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Can't Distance Myself From You

I'm jealous of my love for you,
painfully and thrillingly,
The unspoken excitement
snatches me of guard,
I find myself stand like a tree
under a thunder storm,
I give in
under the power of your lightening,
I have no other choice
but love you,
Nobody recognizes your quality
the way I do,
The ideal is set for me and you,
None can help us now,
Love itself becomes an outcry
for strength,
I cannot distance myself from you,
and may never want to.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Life in Haiku Form

Floating in the air
is a golden rocking chair,
are you happy, sir?

The Sun is setting,
Someone is having wedding,
What celebration.

Leaving shame behind,
I giggle with open mind,
Closer to Christmas.

He's on computer,
She's watching beside,
They share JOY with pride.

"I love you, " She says,
"I love you too." He agrees,
They kiss in deep bliss.

He is very tired,
She has his bath stuff ready,
with her, love's steady.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Heaven Train

The ancient train is going nowhere,
Stuck by an object unknown,
It has lost its will to go places,
Lights inside the cars go dim
as rust begins to add acid to depressed wheels.
The bird on the tree branch knows everything,
There, sits Mary
who is having a coffee break
after singing baby Jesus to sleep,
Some bored apostles below stand frozen, watching.
Peter, Luke, John, Mark, Mathew, and Paul
finally decide to have a sleepover party on Earth,
Tickets in hands,
Chocolate chip cookies and pizzas in mind,
They are ready to ascend.


I stand on shore,
holding to the seashell
of our wonderland,
I know I love the way
your hands hold mine,
Your lips press mine,
the way you fill my heart:
your arms wrap me
and tighten up like crazy,
I'm out of breath,
The overflow of our hearts seep into the sea.


Flying a broom sky high,
Emotions burn like a fire,
Zoom, Boom, I'm happy and free,
Magic sings like a blue jay.
Gliding above the clouds I go,
My traveling is beyond a show,
Atom alike energy carries me on,
I ride and ride until days gone.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Today, The Sky Is Full of Emotions

When a mind is fully occupied with fearful pain,
Its tears fall like spring rain,
Today, the sky is full of emotions,
Its raindrops blow like lustful wind,
Soulful explosions,
Waterfall alike expressions,
Teardrops mix with raindrops,
They constitute droplets of blessings,
I converse through the sound of the rain,
Feeling extremely refreshed and clean.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Study Week

I shall parse the sentence of my time,
Diagram shift,
I must divide my sentiments into nuggets of phrases:
The nouns of everything I care or do,
The verbs of growth,
Participles swimming through darkened nights in water,
I shall assign more subtle subject for my verbs,
Remove the syntax of protracted fears,
I also need to position my hostile in subordination,
Obtain the grammar of my own expectations,
Discover my kind of predicate-
Something naturally to complete my transitive,
greedy verbs.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Properties and Landscapes

Pink blossoms beam upon the cold touches of snowflakes,
Witches roam behind the shadow of nothing,
Trees uproot themselves and bankrupt,
Wall street wanes in its drying furrows,
Tall buildings “Fallen out of the perpendicular”,
Landscapes “that have once been battlefield”,
We’re on someone else’s estate not far from North Pole.
How simply the fire goes out like a match?
How sadly the wounds remain on surface?
It’s told that the best can be noticed for a property is:
It allows a man to fall in love with the landscape,
With woods of trees discovered and explored,
While self-interested birds are given places to preen
Until the space you count on gets lost once again,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Four Seasons of Our Souls

Autumn, the time of centering,
Winter, the period of emptying,
Spring, the season of grounding,
Summer, the moment of connecting.