Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Heaven Train

The ancient train is going nowhere,
Stuck by an object unknown,
It has lost its will to go places,
Lights inside the cars go dim
as rust begins to add acid to depressed wheels.
The bird on the tree branch knows everything,
There, sits Mary
who is having a coffee break
after singing baby Jesus to sleep,
Some bored apostles below stand frozen, watching.
Peter, Luke, John, Mark, Mathew, and Paul
finally decide to have a sleepover party on Earth,
Tickets in hands,
Chocolate chip cookies and pizzas in mind,
They are ready to ascend.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

What a strange and yet wonderful use of the prompt. I like it!

mpucukilalang said...

Heavenly tenant portrayed so worldly. while the bible tell about them complicatedly, here I know them simply. Great!!

Bijaylaxmi said...

Lovely poem..... I like the way you have portrayed Mother Marry..:)

Morning said...

a most interesting read.

manicddaily said...

Sounds like a nice party! K.

geraldine snape said...

tifiny...thankyou for your visit to my post...so I have returned the compliment.! I love the thought of the disciples having a party with choc chip cookies and pizzas! glad that they have their tickets...it sounds like that old southern states song.."get on board!"

Susie Clevenger said...

An unusual and creative write...good job

Lady Whispers said...

Wow what a beautiful and creative piece...you have a new fan in me :)

Elizena said...

Simple, but beautiful. You've added Mary, the Christ child and the apostles. With the chocolate chip cookies and the pizza, you've brought today's modern Christmas into it, but kept the true meaning of Christmas at the the forefront.
Very well done. Have a Merry Christmas!

Elizena R. Arellano: http://elizena-lovingmycreator.blogspot.com/

pure2core said...

Wow! creative flavor... added to the traditional words...Thanks for share friend...

senses of soul said...

greeting from Malaysia =)