Sunday, December 11, 2011

Study Week

I shall parse the sentence of my time,
Diagram shift,
I must divide my sentiments into nuggets of phrases:
The nouns of everything I care or do,
The verbs of growth,
Participles swimming through darkened nights in water,
I shall assign more subtle subject for my verbs,
Remove the syntax of protracted fears,
I also need to position my hostile in subordination,
Obtain the grammar of my own expectations,
Discover my kind of predicate-
Something naturally to complete my transitive,
greedy verbs.


charleslmashburn said...

Very well done! I love the word play!

Miriam Sagan said...

This has charm and is both clever and real!

jennifaye said...

Nice. Very clever...esp. "Obtain the grammar of my own expectations"

Morning said...


jobryantnz said...

great play on these words

robin said...

what a beautiful poem about grammar. love it

catieeliza said...

I love this poem!! :] It's really fantastic!! Takes me back to my study weeks when I had them, I don't get them now, but when I was doing English A-level I would have really really empathised with this poem, it actually really made me smile because although it's much cleverer than anything I could have written I would have loved to write this :] xx