Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Was Great To See You The Other Day

It was great to see you the other day
at the party, the experience was remarkable.
And I hope that you are doing great,
I keep wishing to fulfill your dream of me
in some beautiful way, discarding my new hairdo,
for example, placing safeguard on what’s wrong about us,
The flickering emotions whisper in our dreams,
I feel no more alone in the evenings,
The rambunctious wind tickles the pine next to my window,
with the woodpecker being amusingly puzzled.
Stay close to me in your spirit,
Or, push me to follow your footsteps.


Bodhirose said...

Quite a thoughtful write...I feel a bit of melancholy.

booguloo said...

That's a nice note and poem.

Taylor Boomer said...

beautiful reflections.

The Orange Tree said...


Kellie said...

love the softness in your words. ♥ I am following!


my latest

Elizena said...

I can picture myself standing at my window deep in thought thinking of someone I haven't seen in quite a while and being distantly aware, on the edge of my thoughts, of the wind playing with the leaves on the tree, the singing of a bird close by, the laughter of a child in the distance, but still none of this appears to be real to me because I'm so deep into my thoughts. I love when a poem or story can do this to the reader! Very well done!! Be blessed.

Magdalena Herman said...

The emotions in here feel so close to my heart... Nicely done!

Classic NYer said...

I've definitely been there... ::sigh::

Well worded.

br!nDle said...

Just awesome...almost every lover goes through these very stages...loved it...Thanx for sharing...:)

Helena said...

One knows how this may feel! Adoring the wind and the woodpecker.....