Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Say: Feedback To That Sexy Lady

Your name is always associated with Lady,
SexyLady, LadyWoof, LadyMoo, LadyBoo,
Oh, name a few, spicy You,
You strength is to offer real sex via your hot body,
To anyone, or everybody,
You have slept with your best friend’s hubby,
Oh, You are attracted to your own Daddy,
You join a party wearing No pants,
Don’t you see that the black puddles next to your legs are dirty?
You have an elegant face,
Yet your conducts lack grace.
God asks me to have a say,
Here is that day:
You, aged more than 50,
Dressed up as if you were 30,
With a face like paper clips,
Body in a tray,
Smell heavily scented perfume,
Offered to him for a fair deal,
A docile prey,
Justifying evil spirits,
The Jaded fox bait.
God knows how ugly your soul is,
Justice and righteousness disappear
in your self-centered interests,
Insulted and insulting,
Your joy won’t and didn't hang that long
Because you are sly and addicted to porn,
Planks cross your dull brain, flooding.
Tides rise to the same level as your tears,
You got to turn madness into usefulness:
Support your ‘true love’,
Correct your way of presentation to rise above.


Taylor Boomer said...

too powerful,

don't go extreme, we ordinary folks do have sins,
forgive, move on.

Thanks for sharing.

booguloo said...

Left with lots of stenciled images. Nice write.

Kim Nelson said...

Definitely a type, she is!

Jingle Poetry At The Gooseberry Garden said...

funny words.

agree with kim,


Snowflakes said...

love it,

in this world, we do need to speak for justice,
one shall feel ashamed to act like as if she is a mindless animal, women are invididuals who can be powerful and smart.

love your style, Tifiny, keep it up.

cursemymetalbody said...

A very dark poem indeed, a lot of raw emotion - sounds like you've been wronged.

Great work though!

Here's mine for the rally: http://cursemymetalbody.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/poetry-thursday-74/