Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When In A Jiff.... (Random Thoughts)

When in a jiff, temerity
sprouts like electricity.
Know the benefits of quality,
Conclusions must NOT be made solely by authority.
A bunny’s ear, a train’s whistle,
Rise to the occasion when dogs’ tails waggle.
Wearing her engagement ring,
She suddenly wishes to feel nothing.
An activated volcano gives dramatic eruptions,
Compassion flickers among unspent isolations.


~L said...

:) great flow!! liked this one... for sure made me smile

shopannies said...

oh so many different feelings imbedded in this gives me much thought as well

Kathe W. said...

love the last two lines especially- lots in this poem to think about.

Isabel said...

so many emotions conveyed in a few lines. great write.

Blaque Poet Soul said...

I was thinking of so many situations with this poem, I agree nice flow

kez said...

cool thank you x