Monday, February 27, 2012

Ji(ngle)Yan(qiu): The Lady Dignity

Sheng, Tom, and Jingle, 
National Wild Flower Research Center,
Austin, Texas, August, 1998

Jingle is the lady dignity
with her talent going to infinity,
Via experiences she has lessons learned,
Through supporters' inspirations,
She has her attitude gained...
She is an individual
who refuses to conduct infidelity,
Which doesn't mean that
She doesn't respect others' choices
as ordinary or celebrity,
No doubt, Jingle loves YOU, and her family.

Jingle, Beijing Summer Palace, Fall, 1987

 Jingle, Beijing Materials University,
The building beside her  is the school Theater,
Behind her, the window on 2nd floor is the dorm 
she lived with her other five sisters or roommates,
for four years of college in Beijing, P. R. China.

Coworkers and Jingle (last one on the right)
Beijing Park, September, 1993

 Suzy and Jingle, (from left to right),
The Forbidden City, Winter, Beijing, 1991

 Suzy, Sheng, Dad Benny, and Jingle (from left to right),
November, 1993, Beijing, P. R. China

 Jingle, Beijing Northern Sea Park,
January, 1993, Five Months pregnant with Sheng

Jingle and Sheng, Chicago, Illinios,
Lake Michigan
 Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, Austin, 
Texas State Capital
Summer, 1999

Friday, February 24, 2012

Megan Whalen Turner: The Lady Creativity

Mother of three sons,
Married to cognitive scientist
Mark Turner,
Megan Whalen Turner
is an American author of fantasy
fiction for young adults,
She received her degrees in literature
from University of Chicago, 1987,
Her book The Thief
has won Newbery honor award, 1997,
Besides writing, she loves water,
She is a talent of creativity.
Image Credit:
Top: Megan Whalen Turner,
Bottom: Mark Turner

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bill Clinton (His Influences Are Admirable)

 Image Credit: on Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton,
Along with beautiful wife
Hillary Clinton,
lived meaning life
by making world history
via their unbeatable political victory,
He served America two terms,
Improved economy and increased jobs,
He demonstrated leadership skills
in convincing ways,
He cared for troubled soldiers,
even if it means that
they are minorities,
Bill Clinton,
His legacy sings.

Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Magical Transformation: (Taylor’s Tale on Spirits of Her Loving Italian Grandpa)

Taylor's sister Suzy Pen and niece Liz Willow, Beijing, 2001

Mr. Murphy has had enough of his acting career by the end of 1970, he had been a hero for at least twenty years, being on spotlight makes him well known, but nobody knows how much he yearned for freedom, he hungered for ordinary life, the experiences he had back on China during 1945 made him both anxious and exciting…he dreamed about being able to go back, live on a farm, with private vegetable gardens in front of the house, and trees growing in the backyard, river next to the long road across the village, he especially longed for the fresh air, as he recalled his walk around the lotus pond 500 feet from that house…

Everyone believed that communism was wrong, he agreed, and felt happy to see that America had isolated the republic of China after the declaration of independence of the mainland China, on October 1, 1949.  But, but, something kept stirring in his mind, he could never tell the public what it was…and this bothered him a lot.

Unspeakable anger grew inside him…He felt like killing again, too bad the war was over.

Then he had this plane crash in 1971, which ended his young life, he was only about 47…

News of his death exploded like the drop of an atom bomb, everyone was in a shock, sadness, regrets, relief, and wonders began to stir everyone who knew him. He was gone…

God knows how to treat people in his own beautiful way…This is the magical part of divinity.

Back in China, Taylor’s mother got pregnant in 1971, the baby was expected to be born in May…nobody knew that how special this baby was…Taylor was about three and half when Suzy was born on May 14, 1972, and she was a lovely addition to the Pen family, Suzy became a new favorite to her parents, father named her Spreading Love as an official name, her nickname was Book Lover, in English, let’s call her Suzy…

The family built a three bedroom house after Suzy’s birth, Suzy’s parents lived in a medium bedroom on the other side of the living room, the Asian Grandpa, the Chinese folk math talent lived all by himself in another medium bedroom, opposite to Suzy’s parents’ room,  Suzy, Taylor and their grandmother lived in the biggest bedroom, on the far side of the living room, but next to grandpa’s room, they had to walk pass grandpa’s room, enter a door, then into their big room…

Suzy slept with grandmother Jewel in a double bed, Taylor slept in a single bed, next to grandmother’s, they had a chicken house by the end of the living room, a kitchen plus a pig den built separately on the back of the main house, father taught arithmetic at locale elementary school (not a party member at all) , and mother worked as a women head trying to get ladies in the village to work together to make better harvests on corps such as soy beans, cotton woods, corn, peanuts, wheat, and rice…..the community union does not pay officials at all…father could get a small amount of tips for teaching because 90% of the school teachers came from towns or cities, they are not called farmers, and they expect some small salary…foods come from fields farmers grow, they only need money to buy salt, plus some clothes for new year’s celebrations. Life is not rich, but they had enough to eat.

Both boys and girls in the village are encouraged to go to school, no charge, they only spend money on books and pencils, subjects include arithmetic, language arts, drawing, physical exercise, and music… they would walk 5 to 10 minutes, and take classes, come home for lunch, then go back for afternoon school, and get released at 4pm, students were grouped up and took turns cleaning up the classrooms after school was over on daily basis.…

Suzy and Taylor are about more than four years apart, Taylor was closer to grandmother, while Suzy was spoiled by father and mother as the youngest child.. at times, Taylor would get jealous about how special mother treated Suzy, for example, she allowed Suzy to buy her favorite dress, not giving Taylor the same treatment, which made Taylor upset…overall, parents loved each other,  grandparents stayed distanced yet respected mostly…

Taylor's brother Shawn Pen and sister Suzy Pen, 1996
Beijing Northern Sea Park

Parents never expected to have the third child, yet in early 1983, mother got pregnant, she was determined to abort the fetus, because there was one child policy after Suzy’s birth in 1972, mother continued her work at farm, and she made it to the hospital three times, every time she went, either the doctor was not available, or electricity was out…mother grew out of patience…both father and mother had official positions, they could lose their jobs if they kept the child, but she tried so hard, the doctor refused to give her the needed surgery to get rid of her unborn child, thus, mother determined to give birth to this child, regardless the gender, she would take it and accept punishment from the party, so the decision was made, both grandparents supported, they were ready to have the third baby girl in the family, they did not ask anyone for help to identify the sex of the baby, then in November, 1983, mother gave birth to a male child, which turned out to be Taylor and Suzy’s baby brother…his nickname is Joy, and Taylor gave him a English name Shawn,
While Shawn growing up, he would be loved an spoiled by Suzy,  since Taylor had been out of town attending high school and later college…Taylor is relatively random to Shawn…Shawn loved his younger sister more in return…

When Taylor made it to college in 1986, grandparents were almost 80 years old,
They were clear headed and felt happy.

In 1988, grandpa died, then Suzy was forced to quit school, because Taylor’s parents felt too much stress at the time, supporting Taylor’s college fees, which was not much burden  to city folks, because at the time, Taylor only needed to pay books, and food, but since the location was in Beijing, she had spent more money then she expected to do…that’s the sad part…

After Taylor graduated from college and found a full time job at Beijing, she was asked about her family members, and background as well, Taylor’’s coworkers recommended Taylor to invite Suzy to Beijing, for goodness’s sake, Suzy found a job, she sold fruits on main street, and later worked at a factory.

Suzy had been special to Taylor, she had given up her chance to go to college at the first place, and when Taylor gave birth to her first child Sheng on May 22, 1993, with Sheng’s Dad studying for his Ph. D. at university of Chicago, Suzy volunteered to work for Taylor for about seven months before Taylor and Sheng set off to North America in December, 1993.

Suzy was lucky enough to get support from Beijing citizens from Taylor’s working company even after Taylor left, Suzy was introduced to a Beijing native man named Peaceful Willow, they got married in 1994 and she gave birth to her daughter Liz Willow in May 27, 1995.

 Liz Willow, Beijing, Taylor's Niece, 2001

The little brother, Shawn, who had been treating Taylor as his role models growing up, worked hard and made it to one of the best college, got his Masters’ degree in Beijing, found a perfect job in Wuhan…his girl friend, now newly wed wife had been his classmates in college, she grew up as a city girl from a middle class family, and determined to love Shawn…she speaks perfect English, everyone adores her…

 Taylor's brother Shawn Pen and sister in law.....

I am telling this family story in highlighting the spirits of Mr. Murphy, his spirit never died, and this is shown in Suzy, being ordinary, supportive, and happy in very different ways…Liz Willow has been smart and doing great in schools, she is expected to attend college within two years..

Bless grandpa and grandma in Heaven….
Bless Suzy and her family…
Bless Shawn and his wife…
Bless Taylor and her family…
 Tom Woo, Dallas, Texas, vacationing with his family,
Taylor, Sheng, and Dad Justin Woo, 2000

Monday, February 13, 2012

For Amelia Wilson (Love from Italy)

 Image Credit:

Amelia and Sheng,
One is pure white and Italian,
Another is Asian
and young,
LOVE in first sight when they met,
What precious gift they have had;
They'd spend soulful time together,
To Amelia, racial difference doesn't matter;
Now they're distanced by locations,
God understands their situations;
Carry faith,
Let love speak and insert grace.

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Poetry Picnic Week 25: Military, Soldiers, and Veterans

Short Story Slam Week 20: Love In Creativity Project, All Is Welcome!

I am honoring the following blogs or online prompts:

Welcome to blogging, Aya Wilson from Italy: you remind me of Amelia Willson…

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Poets Rally is super cool, keep the poetry delicious and fun: The Poetry Palace;

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Foliage (Sunday Prompts)

A Poem for Sunday Prompts

As the surface of ocean waves is interviewed,
The blur of the sea is fractured;
Customers are leaves on restless trees,
The water is a weeping forest in breeze;
The flesh trees’ visions trade in ransacked fog,
The razor of trials of birds that swim to park;
Stickers on belt of waves mean nothing vital,
Leaves are controlled, details confidential.
The growth of the trees root from earth,
It’s also charmed by the sky via invisible breath;
Pay attention to foliage glowing with delicate fragrance,
Before you spend all of your time waiting for that 2nd chance;
Love letter from bed,
Message of valentine in spicy red,


Haiku for haiku challenge and Haiku heights

Color me yellow,
Make all my desires mellow,
And call me Sparrow;
After a T-storm,
The sky is colored with warm
Desire of rainbow;
Color desire green,
Let imaginations sing
and wizard begin.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

She Doesn't Know You Still

Image Credit:, 
Jennifer Aniston in a film with her male character

It’s still winter,
and she doesn’t know you still,
and you don’t understand her either.
Although, because of you,
She learned how to drink a cup of coffee,
and how to follow the instincts
to feel your touches,
and then not feel them.
To make peace with your other loving birds
without adding fresh scars,
and continue her support to you,
To look side ways when her opponents
Refer her “your wife”,
So that you feel the urge to veil
the fact, she doesn’t  clarify
because she knows.
What do you think?
Part of you enjoy this ambiguity,
No valid advances, not really,
She is happy and sad at the same time,
The X of her arms uncrossing and crossing,
Her eyes refuse to meet yours
Since she doesn’t want to show you
That she cares, or cares not.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Dreadful Tears...(On Wars and Humor)

The war jet shoots sky high,
Rattling as if the Sun
Stands in his groove,
No verbal communications,
Nothing to cherish
But enemies to perish,
Family and friends are forgotten
As the war ship slides through
Infinite dimensional space,
Emitting heated dialogues of violence,
No dreadful tears,
once engaged in wars
and permitted by pains.
Wars are fun
if you win under the Sun
without using a gun.


 Image Credit:

Poetry for Wounded Warriors, Visit the

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flash Friday 55: The American Miniaturist

She’s fiercely painted,
Long curly hair tied behind her head
so that her ears are open to his voice:
which is a pile of leaves
whose tongues are knotted and forked.
Through corridors of trees,
descriptive self reflections
of the leaves,
She discovers his values,
Acts of obedience,
While sitting in a tiny oval.



If you write 55 words stories, wish to have one of your talents published via Bluebell Books, please feel free to submit to their collection (see the first link above), along with your name, blog link, and content copy and pasted in the comment section, have fun, bless all!