Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bill Clinton (His Influences Are Admirable)

 Image Credit: Google.com on Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton,
Along with beautiful wife
Hillary Clinton,
lived meaning life
by making world history
via their unbeatable political victory,
He served America two terms,
Improved economy and increased jobs,
He demonstrated leadership skills
in convincing ways,
He cared for troubled soldiers,
even if it means that
they are minorities,
Bill Clinton,
His legacy sings.

Bill Clinton and Brad Pitt


Summer Rain said...

charming tribe, love this.


Helen Obama said...

Glad to read this, smiles.

Taylor Boomer said...

The Clinton family is amazing and outstanding...

keep it up.

Glad to see this tribe.

kez said...

lovely tribute your obviously a real fan ...thanks for sharing x

Grace Henry said...

you make me a fan to Clintons,


Elizena said...

Well written. Job well done. Be blessed.


Paul said...

Nicely wriiten - very popular man in the UK.

Aynsley (Life In Verse) said...

Admirable tribute!

Aya Wilson said...

lovely indeed.

jennifaye said...

What a tribute. And seeing Brad Pitt's picture doesn't hurt too. :D

Susie Clevenger said...

Nice tribute to Mr. Clinton

Andy said...

Nicely penned!
Thanks for sharing. I appreciate the visit too.

No Anguish Or Pain

shail said...