Sunday, February 12, 2012

Foliage (Sunday Prompts)

A Poem for Sunday Prompts

As the surface of ocean waves is interviewed,
The blur of the sea is fractured;
Customers are leaves on restless trees,
The water is a weeping forest in breeze;
The flesh trees’ visions trade in ransacked fog,
The razor of trials of birds that swim to park;
Stickers on belt of waves mean nothing vital,
Leaves are controlled, details confidential.
The growth of the trees root from earth,
It’s also charmed by the sky via invisible breath;
Pay attention to foliage glowing with delicate fragrance,
Before you spend all of your time waiting for that 2nd chance;
Love letter from bed,
Message of valentine in spicy red,


Haiku for haiku challenge and Haiku heights

Color me yellow,
Make all my desires mellow,
And call me Sparrow;
After a T-storm,
The sky is colored with warm
Desire of rainbow;
Color desire green,
Let imaginations sing
and wizard begin.


booguloo said...

Soothing words.

Taylor Boomer said...

love this,

brilliant combination of words and thoughts.

Cheryl said...

Love it. I love what you did with the wordle words today.

Janet said...


Sarah in Maine said...

Love you first visit here...won't be the last.
Thank you for sharing.
Siggi in Downeast Maine

Kellie said...

Beautiful poetry here! Thank you for sharing these with Free Write Friday! Hope to have you back again soon!

Whitesnake said...

Thought it was something to do with the garden!
Very nuturing isn't it?

SweetTalkingGuy said...

There's some deep stuff here, Nicely done!!

The Write Girl said...

Two beautiful poems. I love the imagery and flow but I especially enjoyed the last two lines "love letter from bed, message of valentine in spicy red"

Natalie said...

great poetry and haiku.

Aya Wilson said...

lovely poetry and haiku...

Aya Wilson said...

keep it up,

very delightful place to be here.
enjoyed the imagery of your words.

Someone is Special said...


Welcome to the Haiku Challenge 2012! It is my pleasure to have you as a challenger. Great words on Colours.. PS: Haiku is a non-rhyming poem (yellow, mellow, sparrow)

Someone is Special

Granny Smith said...

I love your slant rhymes. And I especially like that line "Leaves are controlled details confidential."

brenda w said...

Beautiful and timely whirl piece. I enjoyed your words. It's nice to have you writing at the Whirl. Your haiku are rocking, too. :)

MyWordsWhisper said...

Such nice haiku. I love the first. It brought vivid color to my mind.

beth snowflakes said...

clever writng here..

zongrik said...

great use of words

haunting suppleness

Summer Rain said...

lovely wordplay...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Hello, Sparrow. Good to meet you!

A Desire Shattered

rch said...

Nice use of words and images, not sure if they're connected but like the two different forms, very original.