Monday, February 27, 2012

Ji(ngle)Yan(qiu): The Lady Dignity

Sheng, Tom, and Jingle, 
National Wild Flower Research Center,
Austin, Texas, August, 1998

Jingle is the lady dignity
with her talent going to infinity,
Via experiences she has lessons learned,
Through supporters' inspirations,
She has her attitude gained...
She is an individual
who refuses to conduct infidelity,
Which doesn't mean that
She doesn't respect others' choices
as ordinary or celebrity,
No doubt, Jingle loves YOU, and her family.

Jingle, Beijing Summer Palace, Fall, 1987

 Jingle, Beijing Materials University,
The building beside her  is the school Theater,
Behind her, the window on 2nd floor is the dorm 
she lived with her other five sisters or roommates,
for four years of college in Beijing, P. R. China.

Coworkers and Jingle (last one on the right)
Beijing Park, September, 1993

 Suzy and Jingle, (from left to right),
The Forbidden City, Winter, Beijing, 1991

 Suzy, Sheng, Dad Benny, and Jingle (from left to right),
November, 1993, Beijing, P. R. China

 Jingle, Beijing Northern Sea Park,
January, 1993, Five Months pregnant with Sheng

Jingle and Sheng, Chicago, Illinios,
Lake Michigan
 Tom, Jingle, and Sheng, Austin, 
Texas State Capital
Summer, 1999


Kay Pitt said...

glad to make this one,

Jingleyanqiu is meant to be Jingleyanqui,

I assume that she made a mistake,

it turned out that yan qiu is a math professor who taught and took good care of Jingle while she was a graduate student at mathematical science department, during 2005-2009,

so, God bless.
keep it up, Jingle!

Taylor Boomer said...


you are so thoughtful,

Jingle looks great in her own way,

booguloo said...

Nice to finally see the busy lady behind the scene

Elizena said...

Very cool to finally see Jingle's face. Enjoyed reading this as well. Be blessed.

Susie Clevenger said...

Nice to meet you in word and photographs.

Fireblossom said...
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Kerry O'Connor said...
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Tonya Harris said...

love this.

Kay Pitt said...

I don't recall I linked to

Imaginary Garden for ToaD...

just because you wish to, do it.

I am clear and clean about my post and submissions.

bless you.

Trisha Miller said...

now it looks better...


Ashley Kable said...

Jingle is great.