Friday, February 24, 2012

Megan Whalen Turner: The Lady Creativity

Mother of three sons,
Married to cognitive scientist
Mark Turner,
Megan Whalen Turner
is an American author of fantasy
fiction for young adults,
She received her degrees in literature
from University of Chicago, 1987,
Her book The Thief
has won Newbery honor award, 1997,
Besides writing, she loves water,
She is a talent of creativity.
Image Credit:
Top: Megan Whalen Turner,
Bottom: Mark Turner


Kay Pitt said...

I hope you well, Megan..

saw you in lots of locations from online,

good luck on your writing career,

you rock.


Aya Wilson said...

great encouragement for Megan Turner.

keep it up.

Elizena said...

Nice tribute to Megan Turner and you so well with the 55 word prompt. Well done. Be blessed.

Taylor Boomer said...

beautiful smiles there.

way to go.