Saturday, February 4, 2012

No Dreadful Tears...(On Wars and Humor)

The war jet shoots sky high,
Rattling as if the Sun
Stands in his groove,
No verbal communications,
Nothing to cherish
But enemies to perish,
Family and friends are forgotten
As the war ship slides through
Infinite dimensional space,
Emitting heated dialogues of violence,
No dreadful tears,
once engaged in wars
and permitted by pains.
Wars are fun
if you win under the Sun
without using a gun.


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Poetry for Wounded Warriors, Visit the


Taylor Boomer said...

very focused and reflective.

booguloo said...

Clashing stanzas are interesting.

August said...

This is sharp.

and sexy, masterful delivery.


Summer Rain said...

lovely perspective.

Reggie White said...

Creatively versed.

Bar None Publishing Group said...

Appreciate the turn to peace at the end.

Kay said...

Wonderful ending. Peace!

Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley Wojcicki said...

powerful account.