Monday, March 26, 2012


Volleyball team in Cuba and
Football team in Brazil are
famous to Jingle while
she was growing up, Chile, a country
at the same continent of
South America, stands out uniquely
for its connection to Chinese wisdom
and Italian fantasy, people at Chile
are eager to showcase their pride
under support from China and Italy.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Amy Tan: The Most Inspiring Asian American Writer

Amy Tan and Her Husband

The Joy Luck Club showcases Chinese
traditions and stories, and it is popular,
Jingle reads all of Amy's books once
discovering its authenticity,
and the twists, the sadness of Chinese women
and their marriage come haunting, the way
they haunt and inspire Amy, her biography
was represented by Jingle as
her Advanced Literature class project...

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

To Beijing Power Management Company: You Are A Gift of Gem

Image: Ann Ma, Four Years Old at Beijing Home
daughter of Jingle's Best Friend Jianying Xu
A full time job loaded with Government
directly sponsored programs at Beijing,
Data entry position is rare
during 1990 to 1993, Internet
is made by telephone call,
Not busy until end of the month,
Time spent with co-workers
chatting, while having a sip of tea,
Best friends, and lots of bonus,
Life had been Heaven!!!

 Jingle and Jianying Xu, at Jianying's Wedding...Fall, 1991, Beijing

Jingle's Beijing Office (Fall, 1990 to December, 1993), 
The lady above is her mentor, Jade Wang, 
Two of them were the only computer specialists
at the time at the unit, (other offices, including the head's office 
do not have computers equipped at the time),
the place buy and whole sell Materials 
to other branches of the same company so that 
they build power plants, 
all over the country, including Pakistan, Bangladesh..

Jingle, Fall, 1990, At her room of working place,
She lived with another girl who works at the same company, 
Free room, free healthy insurance, monthly pay, 
end of seasons, end of year, and holiday cash bonuses are given, 
Jingle enjoyed her time there..

Jingle and Jade Wang, Beijing, Summer, 1991

Physical Plant: Services Important to Keep Business Grand

Everyone has a dream,
Some are big,
some are small,
People who work at Physical plant
Services are impotant
to keep the business grand,
Trained workers have exceptional
contributions, doing bus driving,
airing, used materials recycling,
and classrooms,restrooms cleaning.
They work from 5am to 2pm,
They remove snow to make classes resume.

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