Monday, May 28, 2012

Tulsa World and OSU in Tulsa: The Sharp Eyes In Detecting Worldwide Fresh Developments in Economics and Cultures!

Natural gas seeps baffled
civilizations, and inspired
the Ancient Greeks to build the shrine
of the Oracle of Jiphi.
In U.S., the natural gas industry
was launched in 1859 when Edwin Drake
struck oil and gas in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
Natural gas prices were regulated
for most of the last century.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Trust Your Mom and Dad, Please Smile, Achieve, and Enjoy Life's Blessings! Happy Birthday 2 U Ahead!

Happy May 22 Birthday, Dearest Sheng, always, 
you are the best and deserve the best!

Dear Sheng, you're such a blessed child,
Your parents feel very proud
to think of what you can achieve,
please withhold bubbling doubts,
Be grateful for your father's belief,
and be confident on your mother's whereabouts,
she's strong and smart,
Tom will know how important you are,
Together, we can live positively like a star.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Ballerina

Pink slippers twirl on and on,
While the woodpecker brainstorms
a morning hymn,
Daylight lifts her shoulders
past the dawn,
The ballerina has been drilling all night,
She flaunts her skirts like whirl pools
So fast and bright,
The ballerina spins on tips
Of a carnation,
She triumphs on her nimble toes,
The day fixes his eyes
in the mist fragile music,
The backstage doze off in the shadow,
There is no sound, no Africa next door,
Just the pauses for breath
And roses drifting
with a hiss to the floor.

Monday, May 7, 2012


A whisper hums around a normal ear,
a memo nestling in a phrase,
it hits the heart strings
like soft, warm May breeze,
Moving you to tears
or making you blush...
Your heart beats like
naughty butterflies,
what was it?
waves of thoughts pat,
filling the space with tension
and music,
you feel the rhythms of breathes,
the claps of invisible hands,
the wind keeps blowing,
The dingdong sound
of jingle bells,
The satisfying feel of
being alive and noticed,
what was it?

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