Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Obstacles Are Easy To Come By If You Are Independent and Fly Like an Airplane!

The Perfect Poet Award, thanks a lot, I wish to nominate pure2core  for week 74....

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Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

stretching my arms,
I run like an airplane
taxing with responsibilities,
Flying toward the sky,
I'm blessed to be whole,
Healthy body, nimble mind,
I picture those unfortunate children,
Feeling more eager to move forward,
with confidence and curiosity.
In many places around the world,
I'm aware of the blind, who fail to see,
the deaf, who cannot hear,
the cripples, who walk with unbalanced steps,
Body language,
I feel sorry for children
who are born learning disabled,
or get deathly sick in the middle,
These people suffer for unknown reasons,
they must fight hard to
I spot trees with wicked trunks,
Flowers withering leaves due to early frosts,
Dead porcupines killed by cars,
Suicide kids on newspapers,
Life is filled with unhappy faces,
I'm lucky to survive events
and smile with hope ...

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