Monday, December 31, 2012

Upside Down Words

Old days sparkled in my hands
speak in anxiety,
I don't get it,
I hear the heartbeat of ancient sun ray,
The Moon's faint light
whispers from the bees,
going all over the places,
Listening to words turned
upside down,
wishes dance and sing
like flying glitter,
Dreams draw nearer,
Peace hums to the world
like humming birds,
with eyes the window
to the world.

Welcome Back, Happy New Year!

Four Seasons of Life:

Autumn, the time of centering,
Winter, the period of emptying,
Spring, the season of grounding,
Summer, the moment of connecting.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Eyes blink,
The wonder of happiness inside.
Sometimes tears well up,
upon the fists of anger.
Sweetly, eye brows protect,
Ashes through the closing of eye lids.
If eyes open, wide and round,
All views are safe, new, and solid like pound.
when eyes close tight, and still,
mind goes home for rest, on a green hill.
Eyes are like doors,
they lead you to another place.
Eyes are windows,
they show distanced world via reading or traveling.