Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sisters © Debbie A. Burrous

One plus one equals two you see
But somehow it's different with you and me

When we're together we share one mind
A happier pair you'll never find

I'm only complete when you are near
To lose you someday is my biggest fear

You know my dreams and my every thought
No stronger bond could ever be sought

We have a lot in common it's true
But who'd have thought, who ever knew

Twins we're not, so it's not ESP
But I'm not complete unless you're with me

More than friends, I can't explain it all
With you as my sister I feel 10 feet tall

As sisters and friends we're quite a pair
One soul, one mind is what we share

You make my world a better place
I live each day to see your face

It takes two halves to make a whole
My heart and yours we make one soul