Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Time To Take A Break! So Long!

After months of posting and sharing,
I decide to quit blogging,
I won't feel great
if I continue looking around stories true or fake,
I won't feel at ease
if I don't have an agenda to discover inner peace,
For those I wish to honor or have honored,
Give a grin and focus on your own space,
For those I've accidentally overlooked or misunderstood,
Please forgive me for the frank honesty but i mean no harm.

Students, study hard and improve your grade,
Workers or professionals, work hard and feel comfortable
for your loved ones' sake.
Friends and families,
Please take good care and enjoy a blast of blessing

Thank you for the huge tolerance,
embrace, encouragements, and selfless love.
Always, I pray for victims, less lucky ones,
and always, I love you, as a friend.

take good care.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Hackathon Hackers Code Straight On ‘Til Morning: Posted Sep 8, 2013 by Jordan Crook

Kovert Is A GPS That Lets You Keep Your Phone In Your Pocket To Foil Would-Be Muggers

The TC Disrupt Hackathon is just as much about the journey as it is the destination.
More than 1,200 coders showed up to the SF Design Center to build something awesome, make some new friends, and present their wares to a panel of amazing judges.
They coded through the night, fighting sleepy eyes, tricky Wi-Fi and hacker-style roadblocks, but still they prevail. For a look at their journeys, check out the video above.
And if you want to watch the hacks presented live, check out our live stream right here.