Saturday, April 5, 2014

Austin Inside Texas

Theresa Burke is a proud mom now,
so do Deborah, Jenna, Cynthia, and Hongqiu,
I do recall old pals from UT at Austin, Texas,
Hongjin, Yulin, Yingcong, Zijuan, Alice, Qingbo, Yuri, Yuan,
Jiahui, Chenqi, Chenxi, Vikky, Jay, Cathy, Lichi, and Isabelle,
Sweet and frank past,
Memories refuse to fade.

Looking back again,
renewed friendship upgrades and obtains,
Abby, Tara, Amanda, Richard, Sofina, Tifany, Blake, Patrick,
Thomas, Sheng, Sophia, Annabel, Jeanne, Tyler, Sabrina, Mick,
it seems like their opinions won't agree to quit.

A mail from Katy city is great,
A hello from university of Miami sounds like birds' tweet,
Denise, Jennifer, Lauren, Bobby, Julia, Emily, Blasio, Luis, Doherty, Kaitlyn,
Uwe, Anne, Gabriele, Roger, Joseph, Forbes, James, Cuomo, and Madeline,
Heroes and  heroines rock and roll
While high school dance party begin to withdraw.

Sid Hudson, Ken, Jane Perlez, Mark Landler, Fallin, Henry, Bartley, and Bill Citty soar,
hope that Audie, Leon, mish, Barbara, Magrete, Laura, Blecha, Cornett, Bree do fine,
and David, Molly, Les Risser, Christian, Prem, Goce, Yannis, and Deanna Voss shine.
Think of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Marcos, Los Angele, Corpus Christi and San Jose,
We raise our concern for fitness, nutrition, education, and relation as awareness.

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Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon said...

a scan to lots of places and individuals, enjoy.