Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Soweto, Elmo, A Mix To Enjoy!

Men, women, broadcasts,
Professional and upbeat,
Fun radio @ Tulsa.

Mother and children,
Gifts and sunshine from Heaven,
Good for tough husband.
Assumptions occur often,
Please don’t take it out aloud,
Pay POETRY attention.
Biography, Barack,
Banyan tree, Saturday stack,
What Billy-Hill Fact.
Kimathi avenue,
Remark of Chicago past,
Mau-mau rebellion.
New Stanley hotels,
Germany, Japan, England,
A mix to enjoy.
Soweto, Elmo,
Lord Delaware Motels,
True joy to our souls. 

1 comment:

Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon said...

lots of random word flow, have fun today.