Saturday, September 27, 2014

Music Rains As Hungry Minds Perform on Strings....


Musicians are birds,
but the stage is not taxed,
Players practice to get ready,
The conductors are leaders,
Cheerful notes burst
out of strings
or drum surfaces
under the waves of hands,
Tightened chests relax,
The sound of togetherness flies,
The sky rains
with audiences feeling pleased,
Thunder loud claps of joy...
The passionate squeeze
of the bows,
The shared joy
of messages,
in forests
and in classrooms
that everyone has imagined,
love connects
and magic impresses
under the singing breeze:
Jeremy Woolstenhulme,
Gene Moon,
John Schimek,
and Scott Adam Wojciech...

Image Credit:, Stillwater News Press, and NCHO program sheet, plus Bill William Raun's website....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

14-year-old math, chess prodigy enrolls at UCLA


Luke VellottiLuke Vellotti
Become a member of the highly competitive United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad team? Check.
Become America's top-ranked chess player under the age of 15? Check.
Become the youngest person ever to take for-credit classes at Boise State University? Check. 
And now, how about — at age 14 — earning a full four-year scholarship and enrolling at UCLA? Yep, Luke Vellotti has done it. Check and checkmate.
Continue reading the full article at UCLA Newsroom.