Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Song From The Suds plus Asian humor


Queen of my tub, I merrily sing,
While the white foam raises high,
And sturdily wash, and rinse, and wring,
And fasten the clothes to dry;
Then out in the free fresh air they swing,
Under the sunny sky.

I wish we could wash from our hearts and our souls
The stains of the week away,
And let water and air by their magic make
Ourselves as pure as they;
Then on the earth there would be indeed
A glorious washing day!

Along the path of a useful life
Will heart's-ease ever bloom;
The busy mind has no time to think
Of sorrow, or care, or gloom;
And anxious thoughts may be swept away
As we busily wield a broom.

I am glad a task to me is given
To labor at day by day;
For it brings me health, and strength, and hope,
And I cheerfully learn to say-
'Head, you may think; heart, you may feel;
But hand, you shall work always!'

written by Louisa May Alcott :
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Sheila Todd Julio Hallelujah Monduwan said...

which connects HU to You,

yet, HU means Tiger,



Sheila Todd Julio Hallelujah Monduwan said...

happy laughing every day.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

tiger woods=yahoo=youhoo

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Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino said...

humor comes from all kinds of places and people of course.

Jacobin Henry Denise Brin-Korbetis said...

keep smiling.

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Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

tiger woods, wow.

Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen said...

the great wall of China,
awesome ChangChen or Long City to visit and climb on.

Malia Butterfly Detroit Lawrence Page said...

humor rocks.

Susan Rafael Otter Jolie Nixon said...

a good go.

Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick said...

brave post.

Charlene N.K. said...

Nice poetry by my favorite writer. Thanks for the humor.

Thanks too for visiting my photo blog and for the comment.