Sunday, February 15, 2015

the eye contact

desires and anxiety go under current
Bumper harvest foretold
Alkali counteracts acid
derailing is undone.
Transformation takes place
when green grass peeps their head
and the snow cover wet the lawn,
while the Moon holds her pillow case tight,
letting the plants go unattended.

Monday, February 2, 2015

On The One-Hundredth Day

 spring flower canvas small.jpg-1

giving birth to a child
is like leaving home
for a mountain climbing trip,
you carry a suitcase
which is heavy and essential,
when you come back,
the weight becomes gravity
and the speed is faster
when you walk with
doubled energy.
a different being,
either man or woman,
days, weeks, months accumulate,
you see a promise fulfilling:
the trust in you adds sugar to your mind,
a mirror,
a life,
count, one two, three
and you do have to celebrate
on your child's one hundredth day.
the music box rings,
the Jack-in-the-Box pops,
the rubber duck swims,
the Mother Goose visits Ihops...
you bend low to discover ant farms,
she/he tip-toes to reach your loving arms.
the pressure exists always, indeed,
the joy overcomes worries, splendid!

Blue Monday - Preserves Around Us