Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lagoon or LeiKang

i have dine at lots of places,
Lagoon seems homely ingredients.
Fried dumplings is deep fried indeed,
that's different from Pot Stickers,
the ones we actually needed.
Spicy Mapo tofu is spicy and true,
a bowl of tofu soup, not a plate of white bean curry,
what interesting honolulu in a hurry.
the beef noodle plate is white,
the wulmay helen meal is private,
the experience is unique and Hawaii-wide.
Lagoon is a special unit,
Ligong is what the host expects: a beautiful palace,
I also refer Lagoon as LeiKang, a thundering wealth of dishes and creations.
Lagoon, if stays itself,
it is best fit for visitors
to intepret,
not to integrate.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

before I write

get on the Honda car,
Drive into Duck street,
buy a cup of chocolate coco,
and a bowl of rice noodle.
continue on Hall of Fame,
write down Andrew Fryer's name,
Passing Panera and Perkins,
Stop by JcPenney for a dial game.
Add soaps, paper towels to my cart,
never mind opening my eyes wide,
returning to Main, McDonald, Western street,
my spirit goes all the way up, perfect!
Open the garage,
park the car,
unpack my stuff,
write down what's I've got,
I feel great,
I'm ready to read
something deep,
I'm ready to feed
a good way
to write or create.