Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday at Grandy's

Fridays at Newton Calvin's,
Saturdays at Grandy's,
what about Sundays at Saint Anthony's?
Matt Mailman is hungry,
Herbert Boren is a celebrity,
Thunder storm has come to downtown OKC.
Love's gas station,
Ken's pizza offers France Italian satisfaction,
What Guthrie-cious connection.
For Mary Skoog's sake,
Connecticut eyewitness Yale news on New Heaven,
Uwe Gorden plays Hocky at 7-eleven.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alicia Chang's Spring Rolls

Amelia Constantin feels great,
Sam Ontonio feels sweet,
because Alicia chang bakes cakes,
Belinda Hargis shares Mexican tacos,
and Karina wilson p[asses pastas.
Everyone loves food,
that's why we see Chow's, the big food park,
everyone loves traveling,
thus cars, trains, subways, airplanes are used.
and OSSM spring rolls occupy potluck plates a lot.
Parents are current to a river of children,
their contributions add strength to all teams,
Praise Arlee Bird,
Jana Pirtle,
Cathy joy,
Kim Murray,
Lynn Robertson,
Sandi Lyon,
Mindy Marler,
Sarah Constantin,
Susan Ma,
Polly Fry,
Amy Loper...


Thursday, April 2, 2015

food poetry

couch park,
back village,
seashell chuat,
sizzling news,
eyemi-cious views.

a food pantry,
a fruit poetry,
easy come,
easy go,
so and so,
you know
and i know.