Friday, December 16, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

lots of pink faces, hello, fresh and new babies....

November 22, 2016
a surprise comes to Hollywood,
princess Rosemary has a little buddle to enjoy,
she has worked hard, 
making sure that thomas cheekawood does fine
and the warwick household is free of conflicts,
we have traveled from Nanchang to Beijing,
from Guangdong to Wuhan,
we have flied our airplaces and
stopped by Chicago, Princeton, Austin, San Francisco,
voting for Donald Trump from New York Rochester,
Kansas Lawrence, Arkansas Fayetteville,
Missouri Saint Louis, and Tennessee Nashville,

the parents are not told about her weight,
she comes from Jupiter, and a friend to Saturn,
she looks at others, as if she is old pal to them,
when people hears her cry, the sound is soft,
considerate, and cute...
a Autumn shower drops, lots of energy
converges to Tulsa, Los Angeles, and Tom
has come home for Thanksgiving,
and princess Mugroofsz feels hopeful...
I bet that Justin Murphy won't decline,
nor does Darcy Yuwin, we do enjoy Wayne Wood,
Michelle Wood, Patti Johnson, Kathleen Wilson,
and etc...

Meihua Fan, a oriental name for Lilyn Cheekawood,
with nick name Ruma, Mimi, Fern, or Tessa,
we have fun thinking of a new life,
not to restricted, but to respect, and encourage,
Lily Wood, Lily Passmore, and Holly Moore,
they are all profound

Princess Rosemary  // Prince Warwickson

princess Mugroofsz Gabe


Holly Wood  // Holly moore

Lilyn Cheekawood

chunky coast guard..

 Image result for chunky east coast guard  Abbey Wood
Image result for chunky east coast guard

Thankful [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

 Image result for baby november  Lucas Wood

Image result for baby november Jenna Wilson
shadow drops...
 Image result for baby november   Baby Cheryl Hillford
Image result for baby november   
Image result for baby november   baby Gabe  Lilyn Cheekawood


Thursday, November 3, 2016

short story slam week 56, passport

Greetings? How are you?
where do you come from?
where do you live?
we come from the Gate of Heaven, Tian Men,
we come from the island of Sheep, Mian Yang,
we come from capital city of Middle Kingdom, Zhong Guo,
we come from Windy city Chicago,  Feng Cheng,
we come from North East Harbor Princeton, Princess Xiang Tan
we come from New Mexico,  Prince Mark Hillford
we come from San Francisco,  Saint Benjamin Stephan
and we miss our hometown city Household Mountain, Fang Shan
It is time to view these places as passport, visa, or driver's licenses,
so that we cherish our memory art, and smile at Radio station we
have listened, and feel confident about the airport we have stopped

stay put, mostly,
think far, mostly

when we write about key figures,
lovely places, and beautiful
attractions in our life,
and we enjoy the fun!

 Image result for passport
Image result for fang mountain  
Image result for fang mountain  

short story slam week 56, November 3, 2016 to November 20, 2016...passport, visa, and driver's license...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

short story slam week 54, 55, USA today opinions and voice from other states...Washington U, saint Louis feedbacks

short story slam week 54, 55, USA today opinions
and voice from other states...Washington U,
 saint Louis feedback  

long haul
sharp screams

midnight crisis
morning sickness

lots of crashes
many more tears

looking back,
today is hopeful

Image result for hillford  
Image result for hillford     
Image result for hillford 

Image result for chris nikel 

Image result for chris nikel 
Image result for g. t. bynum     G. T. Bynum
Image result for u. s. a. today 
Image result for saint louis presidential debates 
Image result for saint louis presidential debates 
Image result for saint louis presidential debates

Monday, September 26, 2016

melow yellow

beach flowers...

  Friday My Town Shoot Out
 Image result for beach flowers  

Image result for beach flowers  

Image result for beach flowers

Uncountable models and ScotieJim’s Paradox

“ I disagree with what you produce.”
Empty space echoes my words.
“Yet, it were not supposed to be, anyway.”
“Contrariwise, or Opposite.”
Gerald Twenhouray repeats.
“But, if is so, it were so, or it seemed
to be, it world occue, not monotone,
but sharp, dotty, and puffy, clouds alike…
so, as it is, it will, it could be, it explodes.
I guess, that is ScottieJim Logic.”

Friday, August 26, 2016

Nuixpage green fridays



Image result for COPROSMA LEAF   

Image result for COPROSMA LEAF    
Image result for COPROSMA LEAF

greens and forever things
they root and vote for leafy means

nixpage and friday greens prompt
a platform to connect to nature and relax

kyani sunset,
nashville, kerrville, and owensville

james river kids
theracare, ozarksccf, glowgolf, eroica,

camp raven, saint jude children's research hospital, phillips, frank phillips,
isabel's, jeff speakman, bartlesville, woolaroc, dewey, copper bar, kiddie park

la quinta mansion
prairie song pioneer village

dewey hotal museum
tallgrass prairie preserve

will roger memorial museum, ervin scholars, robyn s hadley, alan stiles, kristin smith,
john ervin scholars, aria griffin, nelson nwumeh, samantha kahn, sheun aluko, betty baker,

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

memory art, perched, short story slam week 50

Black & White Wednesday ~ Perched

  My Memory Art

Image result for perched bird 
Image result for perched bird 

 Image result for perched bird

Madewell Denim, perched bird
boats at milkyway, friendship tiscotrd

perched on high wires
dark ghosts foggy treetop apple cider

good memory goes bad
sweet eyes spill doubtful thread

a good life lived
a dramatic story retold

Chicago river is long
Yellow river is pro-long

getting upset about the tangled yarn
Mimi and Kim join Philip Hwang for Bricktown counting down

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

sun & fun water park, short story slam week 47

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 Image result for sun & fun water park


 Image result for sun & fun water park

Directions to Sun N Fun Waterpark

From Ponca City - 7 Miles East of 14th Street at 8900 Lake Road
From Highway 60 - 2 Miles West on Kaw Dam Road (Lake Road)

8900 Lake Road
Ponca City, OK. 74604
580-762-3331 or 580-763-7617

 General Admission  48 Inches and up

Children (2yrs to 48 Inches)                              


Sunset Pricing  5:00 Saturdays



The Waterpark Admission includes 4 water slides, a wave pool, lazy river
and a kiddie area for under 48"
Group pricing: 20 or more people   $10.95 a person
2014 Season passes
Family season passes (for four or more people in a house hold)
59.95 per person
Kiddie Amusement rides (non-water rides) Closed  

Go Karts   Must be 56" tall   No Doubles                                            $5.00  or 10 rides $45.00
Bumper Boats Single Rider $4.00
  Double Rider $5.00
Mini Golf Single Game $3.50
  Unlimited $7.00
Single Game With Admission $2.50

Batting Cages                                                                             1 token=25 pitches $2.00
                                                                                                 3 tokens                 $5.00
                                                                                                 Team pricing available

ALL DAY FUN PASS.....Includes Waterpark day pass, 1 go-kart ticket,                      $23.95
                                  1 bumper boat ticket and 1 mini golf game or
                                  1 token for batting cages

Book your parties of any size in our pavilions, birthday packages and party time available.
We also invite you to enjoy our full order snack bar 
Party Packages
All Party Packages Include:
  • 2 hr. schedule use of a pavilion
  • A small drink for each guest in the package
  • A day pass for the birthday person to return

Wild Wave Party (All day)
up to 8 people $95.00 each additional person $11.95    Sundays price is $85.00 additional person $10.00
Evening Splash Party ( Sat. 5 to 8)
up to 8 people $65.00 each additional $8.50
Kiddie Land Bash (all guests 2 yrs to 48 inches)
all day up to 8 children $65.00 each additional $9.00
accompanying Adults $11.95
Add to any party package:
Minigolf $2 per person
1 attraction ticket $3.50 per person or 2 for $6.00 per person
Hole-In-One Party
(includes 2 games per person)
up to 8 people $40.00 each additional $5.00
Road Rally
(includes 2 attraction tickets per person)
up to 8 people $60.00 each additional $7.50