Saturday, January 23, 2016

East Lansing high School Raise High Quality Graduates

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how do you do, yahoo?
what is going on, google, alphabet dot com?

East Lansing High School,
a joyful dream comes true

Detroit, Cincinnati, Martin Luther King, Boston,
road maps lead to Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Larry Page, Mike Moritz, Sergey Brin, Coby Flecher,
Wise men, Cleveland kids, they all stand out to Henry Archer

Princeton university, Brown University,
they attract Sarah Constantin, Hannah Constantin

Standford University, Harvard University,
both reach out for potential candidates in reality

university of Chicago, University of Texas at Austin,
both come up with Bullock Sam, Nancy Artman, Polly Hollywood robin

Robert Zimmer speaks of smart language,
Cora France and Mary Fata relax with whatever coming in

University of Florida Vs Florida International University,
Chongsheng Cao, Yuan Gao, Cao Nguyen, Ari Wood rests at Owen Morty park

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