Thursday, January 7, 2016

Friday My Town Shoot Out, Forests, and Short Stroy Salm week 36: purity

something missing?
J. K. Rowling refuses to quit her fantasy,
that's why she drives,
all the way to Iowa,
then Coyle, Langston,
after a pancake and a cup of regular coffee,
she waves goodbye to yaya's kitchen,
knowing the miracle mop from David Russel
and understands the story of Joy from Jennifer Lawrence,
it is Thursday morning,
the day is low with grey frost,
along highway 102, 33, 177, 44, 35, 47, 20, 5, and 66,
Angela Jones join for a sightseeing,
both women withhold their breath,
looking into Jio Carney, Rylan Brin, and Benji Wojin,
passing Perry, Parrish, Dogwood, Luther, Arcadia, Afton,
Suri relates to more culture,
including Edmond, Guthrie, Yukon, Weatherford, and Crescent,
a gas stop helps with fuel,
plus daily locale news, 
a long broom with cleaning mop is helpful,
The Oklahoman grins from ear to ear,
Pops, Philip 66, Shell, 7-Eleven, Prime Time, Conoco,
Tom and Judy Love makes life more fun,
self made dumplings are more tasty,
that's why we make trip to New Chinatown Supermarket,
and visit Super Cao Nguyen store,
although mister Pho's, Gia Gia's, Lee Sandwiches are open,
we choose to give them some freedom to sit,
wait, expect, and connect....
i hear Tom Lee, Sheila Moore, Sofina Yuan, and Amelia Earhart,
lots of times people intend to vacation
for Gemma Wiseman, or William Clinton,
other times citizens pick some places to entertain,
at the end, Angela, Suri, Jo-Ann Kathleen, and Mia
feel content, with many Pops inspirations in return,
so long, Parrish woman, and Amish lady,
Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Hong Kong, Miami, Orlando, and Omaha,
the milestone is fully set,
the bus stop is fixed,
and show is over until the nest performance.
Ann Hargis's burning desire is met
and Valden Devon has many energy to follow Lisa Ferguson.
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