Monday, March 28, 2016

short story slam week 41: Amelia Wilson and Sheng Wu from Panama and Georgia

《新还珠格格》晴儿   Amelia Wilson

Sheng Wu

 影视剧照 Thomas Woolite

near boomer lake,
on lake view street,
there stands a kyoto japanese restaurant,
that is a place for some super outstanding lord and
some exceptionally smart and beautiful lady,

at 7pm, when Saundra Peal drops his son,
a date is set there, when
Amelia Wilson smiles,
and Dotty Yuwinberg walks in,
a mutual satisfaction, May 22, 2010

high school years are full of wonders,
Wisconsin cheese and Chicago dim sum,
wow, you never doubt the delicious taste
when two young people decide to meet,
and spend lots of time watching "chasing Amy" or "Rush Hour II" movies

after 7 years, maybe, from 2008 to 2016,
9 years of romance, three baby girls made,
and one in expecting, a lord is listening,
we do value Max Barry, Sammy Wu,
Ming Jin, Wiliam Vu, Samba Beredjick, Matilda Bollag

friends could doubt, yet, not their parents,
we rise our eye brows to rain a few sweet words here,
the divine couple, the most wanted figures, and
the supportive souls, they place their love
on illinois, California, Idaho, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, and Oklahoma

Sheng Wu   //   Amelia Jeannette Wilson
(余少群)   //  (赵丽颖)
their offspring are very apt, considerate, and flexible,
we pile them with people with embrace, love, and high notes of musical songs
let's mention Zach Pipen, Billie Wu, Ano Yen, Angelika Siaw, Gloria Schapiro,

Nancy Wu, Victor Adam, Qun Huang, Sammy Wu, Nathan Yu, Sophie Peng, Tom Wu,
Kathy Lam, Timothy Lam, Donald Brown, Chris Wang, Neel Rao, Chris Raun, Emily Wise
Sheng Yu, Shenglan Meng, Jie Luo, Frank Huang, Petr Khairmov, Pao Wu, Robert Lauren,
Hirut Gebreegziabher, Chien Wang, Wong Zhou, Joyce Peng, Yan Liu, Saundra Peal,
Hongyu Jin, Jiang Jiao, Xia Lin, Vu Sheng Li, Zhanfei Shi, Hilda Nerys, Jema Wood,
Feng Yan, Alex Zhu, Samba Beredjick, Maxwell Thelma, Sandy Storm, Steven Moore