Saturday, April 23, 2016

Junior Parents--PAOSSM Officers For 2016-17 School Year under Frank Wang, OSSM

 Congratulations to the following parents who were elected to serve as officers of the Parent Association--OSSM for the 2016-17 school year:

President--Sue Dick
Co-Vice Presidents--Jason Benge and Scott Westfahl
Treasurer--Liping Ma
Events Coordinator--Wendi & David Knowles
Memorabilia Coordinator--Belinda Slavic

In addition, we had a parent, Grace Cai, who volunteered to be secretary.  However, she didn't come forward until after the meeting was adjourned.  So she is going to function as the secretary and will be officially elected at the next General Parent Meeting, which may not happened until in the Fall.

It would be good if we had one more person to help Belinda as a memorabilia coordinator.  If you are willing to fill that position or want more information, please email Joe Kingery or Jim Hill.

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