Monday, November 28, 2016

lots of pink faces, hello, fresh and new babies....

November 22, 2016
a surprise comes to Hollywood,
princess Rosemary has a little buddle to enjoy,
she has worked hard, 
making sure that thomas cheekawood does fine
and the warwick household is free of conflicts,
we have traveled from Nanchang to Beijing,
from Guangdong to Wuhan,
we have flied our airplaces and
stopped by Chicago, Princeton, Austin, San Francisco,
voting for Donald Trump from New York Rochester,
Kansas Lawrence, Arkansas Fayetteville,
Missouri Saint Louis, and Tennessee Nashville,

the parents are not told about her weight,
she comes from Jupiter, and a friend to Saturn,
she looks at others, as if she is old pal to them,
when people hears her cry, the sound is soft,
considerate, and cute...
a Autumn shower drops, lots of energy
converges to Tulsa, Los Angeles, and Tom
has come home for Thanksgiving,
and princess Mugroofsz feels hopeful...
I bet that Justin Murphy won't decline,
nor does Darcy Yuwin, we do enjoy Wayne Wood,
Michelle Wood, Patti Johnson, Kathleen Wilson,
and etc...

Meihua Fan, a oriental name for Lilyn Cheekawood,
with nick name Ruma, Mimi, Fern, or Tessa,
we have fun thinking of a new life,
not to restricted, but to respect, and encourage,
Lily Wood, Lily Passmore, and Holly Moore,
they are all profound

Princess Rosemary  // Prince Warwickson

princess Mugroofsz Gabe


Holly Wood  // Holly moore

Lilyn Cheekawood

chunky coast guard..

 Image result for chunky east coast guard  Abbey Wood
Image result for chunky east coast guard

Thankful [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

 Image result for baby november  Lucas Wood

Image result for baby november Jenna Wilson
shadow drops...
 Image result for baby november   Baby Cheryl Hillford
Image result for baby november   
Image result for baby november   baby Gabe  Lilyn Cheekawood