Wednesday, May 24, 2017

short story slam week 68, more friends near to know

short story slam week 68, unexpected and runner up fitness, why we shall use google to maxmize our world views 



butterfly and fancy dreams
reminding us of human worldwide
if we do not write nicely
we won't be read professionally

when I think of fame
I think of those who serve
I think of my friends, clans, and myself,
eventually, I extend to some who stay distant, but could be upgraded wolf

read this, read their fame, we set a big huge flame of grace, embrace, and innocence

Pate Hubbert
Drywall Huerta
Amber Hysaw
Jim Irby

Lois Jackson
Eddy Jacobs
Lauren January
Charlotte Johnson

Matt Johnston
Ferald Jones
Phillip Jurick
Jana Mark Jordan

Risa Kacir
Kaci Kennedy
Jason Cox
Susan Kenslow

Fae King
Connie Kirby
Jerry Knight
Tamara Knox

Maureen La Burt
Robin Lacy
Mary Larson
Senedra Lawrence

Jojo Lim
Carl Little
Eric Loetz
Nancy Lyles

Douglas MacDonnell
Brianna Mathhews
Rozche Martin
Katy Mays

Beverly McGlory
Tom Mertz
Savannah Melton
Earl Shirley Miner

Lyle Newman
Debra Nelson
Bob Norris
Alan Nixon

Jinnie Potts
James Pittman
Sheri Pricer
Rowland Quisenberry

Zane Quibie
Jim Ramsey
Steven Ray
Lorena Rice

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