Thursday, July 6, 2017

Weekend Prompts, friday my town shoot out, shadow shot sunday 2, and abc wednesday, including sunday whirligig

Summer Drinks [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 



  sporting is tough challenge
  zheng he, the guy who sails all the way to pacific ocean, and landing in united states of america

Z is for Zeng cheng , which means real, honest, and true


  zeng cheng, silence is gold

  clerking and hairspray
boxes and smocking tune
praise one to be honest and tough
not to change around too many

lipsticks and chores,
wisps seldom and cute face
jay yeomans and bob young
all agree to sit and wait

wonders and doubts
many do skip a town jumps
how many man agree to write poetry?
jackie chan or michael brin


Whirligig 119 


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Praise Be" by Lowell Jaeger: clerking, willing, smock, walk, hairspray, boxes, hips, wonders, lipsticks, chores, wisp, seldom

short story slam week 71, y-chapel

story of the week 71, july 6 to july 23, 2017  



university of central oklahoma, Edmond, OK

  Don Betz, president of uco

  david boren and bob bowlsby, photo by jay ywomans
Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 94, Number 1
Chronicles of Oklahoma, Volume 94, Number 1
Yesterday I received complimentary copies of the Chronicles of Oklahoma‘s Volume 94, Issue Number 1, which features my article “The YWCA’s Y-Chapel of Song and the Central Plate” about the University of Central Oklahoma’s Y-Chapel of Song. Because it is my first print publication, I decided to write this acknowledgements post to thank several people for their help.
I first learned about the Y-Chapel of Song when my wife, Helen, and I became engaged and started to look at wedding locations. We decided upon the Y-Chapel partly because of its cost, but also due to its location on campus. Several months later, I began my research shortly after I completed Historical Research and continued the project for Dr. Lacher’s “Social/Cultural History of the United States since 1877” class.2016-07-09 13.47.46
As I researched the Y-Chapel further, I discovered amazing women throughout history on UCO’s campus. They must be remembered, recognized, and respected. I hope my article will stimulate more interest in Oklahoma and Edmond women’s history.